Types of Product Photos

There are many types of product photos that you can take, and each has a place and a purpose. Review this list for some ideas for your brand!

  • Lifestyle –  the product in “the wild” – helps buyers visualize the product in use and also how their customers would use and respond to it. Examples include in the home, in a flat lay, on a model, etc.

Lifestyle shots are our favorite at Stockabl and help us stand out from other platforms. Brands with strong, engaging product photos are most likely to be featured in across our site and in our marketing.

  • Packaging – if your product has specific wholesale packaging it is important to show it to help your buyers visualize your product in their stores.
  • Scale – give an idea of the size of your product. For example, if your product is jewelry show it on a person or next to an item with a standard size (like a coin, perfume bottle, etc).
  • Detail – get up close and personal with your item to show off any special details or materials. Sharp photos with good lighting are especially important here.
  • Studio – product on a plain background with good lighting. As long as your product isn’t white or very light gray, white backgrounds tend to look best.

Wrinkles in background fabric, unintentional shadows, dust, etc are distracting in studio photos so hop into a photo editor and clean it up before posting!

  • Sets or Groups – if your product is sold in multiples, or part of a larger bundle or line, or even comes in multiple variations a group or set shot could be another nice photo to add. This could also be a good way to feature more items from your line that are related.
  • Variations – if your product comes in multiple colors, finishes, sizes, etc it is important that buyers are able to see their options. These can be individual shots or a grouped shot like mentioned previously. If you have more variations than the number of photos allowed, try grouping a few together in each shot.
  • Camera Angles – include images of your product from other camera angles to show off your product from all sides.

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