How much does freight cost?

In most cases, freight is calculated at checkout based on the shipping rates set by the maker. Most sellers set their rates on the basis of total order weight for the most accurate shipping costs. Many makers also offer free shipping, either on entire orders or once you have met specific order size criteria. This information can typically be found on the maker’s shop page and within listings, or you can inquire with them directly.

Some sellers have items that are bulky or difficult to estimate total shipping costs in advance and prefer to invoice separately for shipping. These sellers are required to state this in their listings clearly. You will not be charged shipping at checkout in this case, and can expect a separate invoice for shipping directly from the maker.

If you prefer to ship via your own shipping carrier, please contact the maker prior to placing the order so that they can collect the information from you and provide you with a “free shipping” coupon to apply to your order so that you are not double charged.

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