Do you offer returns?

Returns and exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis between the retailer and maker involved in the order. Stockabl does not accept returns on behalf of any maker brands, nor do we require our sellers to offer it. If an item is damaged or broken in transit, please contact us or the seller immediately to let us know so we can rectify the situation.

Some platforms offer “free returns” for all sellers on their platform, and then turn around and sell these returned products at a discount to other retailers. We believe this devalues the handmade ecosystem as a whole and is bad for both makers and retailers. It is bad for you as a retailer because these items have already been on shelves and may be damaged or worn, beauty products and cosmetics may be unfit for sale, and without the seller having information about who is purchasing their products you may inadvertently end up with the same products as a nearby shop.

We encourage our retailers to reach out to sellers directly if they are having difficulty moving a particular item or collection to work with them on merchandising suggestions or discuss the possibility of a swap out for alternative products.

If you and the sellers agree to refund all or a portion of the order, you can contact us for assistance on processing the refund.

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