What are Net 60 terms?

We offer complimentary Net 60 terms to all qualified retailers via our partnership with Fundbox Pay. You do not have to be a brick & mortar store to apply for net terms.

Net 60 terms allow you to place an order today, and payment is deferred for 60 days after the day the order was placed & accepted by the seller. Net 60 terms allow you the chance to discover and try new makers in your shop without the need to pay for them up front. Your purchase amount is deducted from your limit.

Once your 60 days have elapsed, you will also have the option to spread your payments out up to 52 weeks for a flat fee, and you can pay in full at any time without a penalty. Once you have repaid your purchase amount, that balance is returned to your limits for future purchasing.

The best part about Stockabl net terms is that your vendors get paid within 3 days of your order being confirmed, making it a win-win for both you and them!

Benefits of Net-60

  • Seamless Transactions–use the same net-60 terms payment method across Stockabl suppliers with one application
  • Improved Cash Flow–receive, market, and sell products before your payments are due
  • Extend Open to Buy–Net-60 gives you more time to pay for your purchases, so you can buy more to keep your store fully stocked.

How to qualify

Qualifying for net terms is done via a simple application form or is done on the spot during checkout.

If approved, select Fundbox as the payment option at checkout to receive your net-60 terms. You can make purchases from any Stockabl vendor up to your pre-approved limits.

We encourage you to apply prior to placing your next order through Stockabl for a seamless checkout experience. To get a decision, create an account and give Fundbox some insight into your business with one of the following options:

  • Upload 3 months of business checking account statements (option not allowed during checkout application)
  • Provide online business bank credentials
  • Consent to a personal credit check

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