How does PayPal Credit work?

Buyers have the option to defer payment in full on their Stockabl orders by up to 6 months interest-free if they choose to take advantage of PayPal Credit.

How does it work?

At checkout, buyers simply select PayPal Credit from the PayPal payment options – if they are already approved, it processes just like a regular PayPal transaction. If it is their first time applying for the program, they will be asked a couple of questions to verify their eligibility and receive a decision in seconds.

Buyers can use PayPal credit as a revolving line of credit, managed via PayPal, and enjoy interest-free payments on orders over $99 if paid off within 6 months. Sellers receive payment immediately, in full, which makes this a great option for both parties!

Paypal Credit is linked directly to your existing PayPal account, and comes with the same benefits as a regular PayPal accounts – including purchase protection and free return shipping!

For more information, or to sign up today, visit the PayPal Credit informational home page!

Please note that PayPal Credit is a program managed by PayPal and Stockabl is not affiliated in any way with PayPal or PayPal Credit. Please direct any PayPal or PayPal Credit related questions to PayPal directly

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