Brand Banner Guidelines

Your brand banner is the main image on your shop page. This photo should represent your brand aesthetic and should be of a high-resolution.

Recommended Size

The recommended size for your banner to display great on all device sizes is 1920 px wide and 720 px tall.

Banners display at 100% width on all devices, however, only the center 288 px of height will be visible on larger screens.

If your image is smaller than our recommended size, it could appear blurry or have a border around it. This is not recommended.

Feel free to use this canva template when designing your banner.

Style Guidelines

Don’t include logos or text overlays. This is not the place for your logo (that’s your brand icon). Text can get cut off depending on the device size and can be distracting.

A single photo with a variety of products in it is preferred to a collage. Multiple photos together as a collage can look busy an distracting.

Styled or lifestyle images are preferred to catalog shots. Choose images that are captivating and will catch buyers’ attention.

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