Why haven’t I gotten any sales?

A lot of sellers have the impression that by creating a shop in a marketplace they are going to start receiving orders as soon as they “open the doors”, but just like any other retail business that’s not the end of the story.

Just like any other sales channel, your success in a marketplace is dependent on many factors including your attention to optimizing your listings, marketing your brand, and high-quality captivating product photography.

Whether you have just launched, or have had your shop for a while now,

1 Optimize your listings for both internal and external searches.
Consider keywords that your buyers may be searching for and incorporate those into your title, tags, and descriptions. Utilize the SEO box on product listings to optimize your listings descriptions in search results on Google. Use relevant categories so that your products show up when buyers are browsing. And don’t forget to add attributes to your products that are appropriate, but don’t add unrelated attributes or you will look spammy.

2 Use captivating product photography
Have you ever heard the phrase you eat with your eyes? Buyers are attracted to beautiful product images, just like everyone else. The two main styles you see in e-commerce are white background and lifestyle, and no matter which style you choose you have to nail the composition and lighting. Post-processing editing can make a huge difference in your photos appearing professional and appealing.

3 Marketing doesn’t stop the moment you hit “publish”
They say it takes 6-8 interactions before someone decides to purchase from you, so hoping that a retailer will stumble onto your shop for the first time by accident and purchase is not going to get you the results you want. Have you told retailers they can find you on Stockabl? Do you have a regular email marketing schedule for your wholesale customers to keep you top of mind? Are you advertising on social media or in trade publications? We can help you with this!

4 Update your catalog regularly
The recency of your listings does impact if they appear in certain areas of the site, which can increase the number of times buyers see your products. Additionally, shops that are active and regularly updated are more likely to appear in our marketing materials, increasing your visibility.

5 Refer your existing retailers
We can get your existing retailers approved and set up within minutes, and will even send them an email on your behalf announcing your new shop (if you would like). You can either send us a list with their name, business name, and email address or you can send them to stockabl.com/refer to fill out an application.

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