Which products can I list?

We recommend sellers carry at least 6 products in their line at minimum, though the ideal range is between 20-50 items. You are not limited in the number of items you list in your shop though, and we do have sellers that have as few as 2 products and as many as several hundred.

If your line is less than 6 products, your banner on the brands page will look unfinished, which is not as attractive to retailers. If it is not possible to increase the number of products in your line, we recommend creating duplicate listings with different main listing photos.

At least 6 products look best from the brands page
(this maker was not finished setting up yet – to avoid, wait to publish until at least 6 listings are ready)

We are unable at this time to carry the following items:

  • Anything containing CBD (we would love to but our payment processor said no)
  • Firearms
  • Any products containing alcohol or drugs
  • Anything else illegal
  • Items promoting hate crimes, anti-semitism, or discrimination

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