What does the Product SEO Settings do?

This box has three tabs to help you customize your product’s appearance on search engines and social media. It is optional to complete but recommended.


On this tab, you can give your product a custom search engine title and description. By default, it will pull the title and first couple hundred characters of your regular description – but this may not be optimal for SEO!

Use the color guides to help you gauge the length, and add keywords and good short descriptions to help your listings shine.


On this tab, you can customize how your product appears on social media if someone shares a link by setting a custom title, description, and social media image.

By default, it will use your general title and description, and without setting an image specifically for social your main product image will be used. For the most current size information on social media, images to create your own custom image, refer to this sprout social article


This tab is used to hide your product from search engines (which we wouldn’t recommend) and should be left as-is.

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