What are the recommended image sizes?

Shop Banner (1920 x 720px)

Every shop has a place to upload a banner image to brand your shop page and give buyers their first look at your line. Feel free to use this canva template (make a copy!) when designing your banner.

Text overlays are not recommended. You shop brand icon and name display directly below the banner.

Banners display at 100% width on all devices, however, on larger screens, only the center 288 px of height will be visible.

You can change this photo out at any time.

Profile/Brand Photos (400 x 400px or larger)

not to scale

You will have the ability to upload both a personal profile photo and a shop icon – both are roughly 200 px. You can upload any size image but to account for high-resolution screens we recommend a minimum size of 400 px in either dimension.

Profile Photo

  • Personal photos are preferred (establishes authenticity as a maker)
    • Group photos if you are a team also allowed – we just ask that it’s a person not a logo or product in this image.
  • Displays as a cropped circle. You can adjust the crop to your preference after uploading it.
  • You can change this photo out at any time.

Shop Icon

  • Displays as both a cropped circle on brand pages and a rectangle on profile pages (see example images).
  • If using a logo, round looks best and double-check to make sure it fills the circle crop well.
  • This image will automatically crop from the center (no manual adjustment).
  • In lieu of a logo, you can also upload a product photo or other branding image.
  • You can change this photo out at any time.

Listing Photos (1094 x 1214px or larger)

Up to 10 allowed per listing. Use as many or as few as you need to convey the relevant information to buyers.

Image Size Info:

Image NOT to scale
  • JPEG files are preferred for file size optimization
  • Images smaller than the recommended minimum will appear blurry.
  • Images larger than the minimum with the same aspect ratio will appear normal. Images with a different aspect ratio will appear cropped until clicked on.
    • Portrait images will crop the top and bottom
    • Square and Landscape images will crop the left and right
  • All images for a single listing are recommended to be the same dimensions to avoid issues.
  • You can change these photos out at any time.

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