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If you’re looking for more information about any specific shop setting this is the place!


Store NameThis is where you enter the name of your store exactly as you want it to appear on your shop (including capitalization, punctuation, and spacing).
Note that your store name will also determine what your default store link is. For example, if you enter My Shop Name your default link will be stockabl.com/maker/my-shop-name. If you change your store name, your link will also change so keep this in mind!
Minimum Order AmountSetting a dollar amount here let Retailers know what your minimum order value is. This is displayed both on your shop page and also in the cart if a Retailer has not yet reached your minimum.
Note that for flexibility, this setting only warns Retailers they haven’t met your minimum and that you might reject the order, but does not prevent them from checking out. This is to allow you the flexibility to accept lower reorder minimums or sample orders if you choose.
Lead TimeLet Retailers know approximately how long it would be before they can expect your order to ship by setting a lead time. You can update this at any time if your availability changes. This is displayed on your shop page.
Shop HeadlineThis is intended for a brief introduction (300 characters or less) to your brand for buyers visiting your shop. It is displayed beneath your store banner.
Your Brand StoryThis section is meant to give you the chance to share more about your brand with your buyers. Write as much (or as little) as you want in this section. You can also embed youtube videos if you have behind-the-scenes or brand introduction videos. This information will display on the “About the Seller” tab on every product listing.
Store Website / Blog URLA link to your retail website (optional)
Store PhoneYour shop phone number where Retailers can contact you directly (optional)
Store AddressPlease provide your full address here for location-based searches. This can be your physical location, mailing address, etc. Only your city and state will be displayed publicly on your shop page.
Enable Vacation ModeBy selecting this option you gain the ability to leave a vacation notice letting your buyers know if your shipping will be delayed or when you will return, etc. This will display as a banner at the top of your shop.
Your products will remain available to purchase unless you also select “Disable add to cart for my products”. When this mode is active you will see a warning banner at the top of your dashboard to remind you to disable it when you are ready.
Enable Store NoticeBy activating this setting, you can add a custom text banner to the top of your shop. This is a great option for advertising specials, coupons, or other useful information to your buyers.


The only setting on this page is the email address for your PayPal account.

It is very important that you verify that this email address is correct or your payment for orders will be delayed. To confirm your primary PayPal email, go to your email settings page on PayPal. Take note of which email address is marked “primary”.


This is where you find your shop banner and your logo settings. For more information and a Canva template see this article.


Add your links to your social media channels and they will display on your shop page. Any links left blank will not show up. Please note if it asks for the username or the URL. Do not include the @ symbol.


Terms & ConditionsProvide information on your shop’s wholesale policies including if you offer samples, your average lead times (including cut-off dates for special occasions like holidays), any pricing or discounting restrictions you have (for example online minimum advertised price), any discounts or specials you may offer in specific cases, if you offer drop shipping or trunk shows, any restrictions you have on which types of retailers you sell too, etc.
Please DO NOT include information on payment terms – as we handle payment processing it is confusing to Retailers if your payment terms differ.
Shipping PolicyUse this section to clearly communicate your shipping policies (but not rates) including preferred shipping method, especially if you plan to invoice after the order or are willing to ship via the Retailers shipping account, any free shipping order sizes if you offer them, if you include insurance and tracking (strongly recommended), and any additional shipping information you wish to provide.
Return PolicyWhether you offer returns or not it is important to clarify expectations for Retailers. Please indicate how you handle returns or exchanges of defective or damaged items, including how long the Retailer has to report the damage. If there are an circumstances in which you would accept returns, exchanges, or buy-backs please provide that information as well (or inform them if you do not).


SEO TitleThis is the headline title of your shop shown when your pages are found on search engines. Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters.
Optimal format: Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand (example: Sculptural Jewelry – Sterling Silver | Brand Name)
Meta DescriptionThe meta description provides a brief summary of your shop. Search engines such as Google often display the meta description—typically up to 160 characters long—in search results where they can highly influence user click-through rates.
Your shop meta description should read in a natural, active, non-spammy way while using keywords relevant to your brand.
Meta KeywordsAdd 3-5 relevant keywords that are specific to your brand. The more specific you can be the more likely your page will show up in relevant searches on Google or Bing.
Facebook/Twitter TitleThis will be the default title of any links to your shop or items shared on Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook/Twitter DescriptionThis is the default description of your shop shown when your link is shared on Facebook or Twitter
Add Facebook/Twitter ImageThis is the default image that will show up when your link is shared on that platform (instead of the Stockabl general default image). Check this article for the most up-to-date recommended image size for shared link images.

Shop Sections

Shop sections help you organize the products in your shop to make it easier for Retailers to find the items they want. See this article for more information.


This is where you will manage your membership plan. For more information on managing your plan see this article.


We offer three built-in shipping rate options for Makers. By default, your account is set up to use Table Rate shipping using a weight-based formula, but you have many other options when it comes to shipping. This article breaks each option down.

Table RateUses shipping tables (based on destination country) to calculate. Can add a handling fee (% or flat) to orders. Calculated based on either weight, subtotal, or count of items. For more info on setting it up see this article
Free ShippingThis makes all shipping for your shop free by default. Useful if you don’t charge shipping or invoice separately for shipping. If you want to charge free shipping only if certain qualifications are met, see below.
Live RatesThrough our partnership with Shippo we are able to offer you live rate calculations for the carrier of your choice (often at discounted rates). Requires a free Shippo account to use. For more information on setting up this option see this article.

Other ways to offer free shipping include a free shipping coupon, or setting up your table or live rate rules to make shipping free once certain conditions (like order size) are met.

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