Where do I add my shop banner and logo?

Before your shop is ready for business, make sure you have customized it by adding a banner and logo on the BRANDING tab.

Personalize your shop with a logo and shop banner

Recommended Sizes

Banner: recommended size 1920 x 720 px.

Banners are cropped vertically depending on screen size. If you would like a template, we created one in canva (make a copy first!) you are welcome to use.

Staged lifestyle shots of your products look the best here.

Banners with text are not recommended as the text can look blurry and can get cut off depending on the screen size.

Icon (logo): recommended size 400px square.

Icons display cropped as a circle. It is recommended that any graphics be centered both horizontally and vertically for the best look.

Icons can be either a logo or product photo.

You can change your settings (including the banner or icons) at any time by returning to the shop dashboard. 
Don’t forget to click save before navigating away from any page!

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