How do I update my minimums & lead time?

Both total order minimum amount and lead time can be set (and updated) from your shop dashboard under the settings tab.

Minimum Order Value & Lead Time

Set order minimums and lead times from the settings tab on the shop dashboard

You have the option to set a minimum order amount (in USD$). This is the dollar amount which a retailer must purchase from you to qualify for your wholesale program. This is an optional setting and can be left blank.

A buyer can still order from you if their total is less than your minimum, though they will see a warning in their cart that you may reject their order. This allows you the option to accept lower value orders for re-stocks or sample orders if you would like.

Lead Time is also updated from the shop dashboard under the settings tab. You may include a specific number or a range, and it should be written in the format of [number] [units]. For example, 5-7 days, 3 weeks, 1 month, etc. You can update this value at any time.

When making changes to your minimum order amount or lead time be sure to hit save before navigating away from the page.

Order minimums & lead times (if set) are displayed under your shop banner on your main shop page.

Minimum Quantities

In addition to setting a global order minimum, you can also set per product minimums on individual listings.

These are quantity minimums and are set within the specific listing the minimum applies to. These settings are enforced, and a buyer will not be able to purchase quantities outside of the range you specify.

There are four options for this setting, and you can use any or all of them as suits your business. Options include:

  • Minimum quantity – buyers must purchase at least this number of the item (ex. min = 3, a buyer can purchase 3, 4, 5…)
  • Maximum quantity – buyers can purchase no more than this number of the item (ex. max = 10, a buyer can purchase up to 10)
  • Group of… – buyers must purchase the item in increments of this number (ex. group = 3, a buyer can purchase 3, 6, 9…)
  • Allow combination – this setting is only available on variable products, and checking it allows any combination of variations of that item to satisfy the minimums for that item (ex. min = 3, a buyer could purchase 1 red item, 2 blue items)
Quantity minimums (and maximums) can be set from the product data box within a listing

Both order minimums and per product minimums are optional, but useful for sellers with specific needs!

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