How do I use shop sections?

Creating custom shop sections helps organize your listings for your buyers. You can have up to 15 custom shop sections with as many products as you want in each section. Products can also be listed in more than one section if appropriate.

  1. Go to your product manager and under “Products” click “shop sections”.
  2. Under Add new section enter the name of the new section you want to create. The description is not necessary.
  3. Click the button “Add new section” to create the section. It will now appear in the list to the right.
  4. To re-order sections, click and hold the three lines on the far right-hand side of the list on the item you want to move. Drag and drop it to its new location in the list.
  5. Once shop sections have been created, you can assign products to them from the listing editor, similarly to how you add a category. Products can appear in none, one, or multiple sections.

Review the following video in a new tab while you follow along and create your own shop sections.

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