How do I change the name of a product?

Naming your product is the first step in building a listing. Some sellers choose to provide simple descriptive names (such as “turquoise beaded necklace – 15 inches), while others prefer to use more fanciful or thematic names (like “Fairy Wonderland Mug”). You’re free to choose whichever style works best for you.

Unlike Etsy, we do not recommend “title stuffing”, which is the practice of putting as many keywords as possible into your titles in hopes they show up better in search results.

Our search algorithm does not place as much emphasis on title keywords as Etsy’s does because we think this practice looks unprofessional and we place a higher emphasis on the keywords included in your descriptions, categories, and tags.

You can change the name of your product at any time by updating the name in this box and then clicking save, but keep in mind it could change the link to your product and you may need to update it if you have shared it anywhere.

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