How do I add images to my listings?

You can add both a primary product image, as well as a gallery of additional images. We recommend including 3-10 images per listing.

The primary image for your listing is added in the Product Image box on the right-hand side of the product editor. This is the main image for your product and shows up across the site. This box will only accept one image, which you can change at any time.

To add additional images, such as examples of other colors, close-ups, alternative shots, etc., add them to the Product Gallery. These will display beneath the main image on your listing page and buyers can scroll through them. You can add up to 10 additional images.

Image Sizes

Please note that the “ideal” size for a product image is 1094px wide x 1214px tall. Images that differ from this size will be scaled and cropped.

Troubleshooting Image Issues

My image looks blurry or "soft" but looks fine when I click on it?

You have uploaded a photo that is too small in one (or both) dimensions, and the photo is being scaled to fit the 1094 x 1214 px frame.

To correct this, upload a larger image. If you do not have a larger image, you can also add a border in any image editing program, such as Canva.

The sides of my image are being cut off in my listings?

You have uploaded a photo that is too large in one (or both) dimensions and does not fit the proportions of our image frame. The image has not been cropped, but the edges are hidden beneath the frame. The full image will be visible if you click on the image to open the lightbox.

If you wish to correct this, pre-crop your photo to fit our image size recommendation of 1094 px wide by 1214 px tall.

I swear I uploaded the right size, but it still looks wrong? 

Double-check your image dimensions. You or the software you used to edit the photos may have accidentally saved the image in the wrong dimensions. Open the file inspector on your computer to see the actual width and height of the image file, rather than what photoshop or other software says it is.

Please see our brand photography page in the seller’s guide for more information on image sizes.

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