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Creating new or updating listings on Stockabl is relatively easy, once you get the hang of it. You have a lot of options and ways to customize your listings, so it can be a little intimidating for new users at first.

The following videos explain how to create simple and variable products and more details about specific components of the product editor are below.

This is a playlist that includes the following videos:
Simple Products
Variable Products 101
Variable Products Tutorial
Bulk Publishing Listings
Shop Sections
Click the icon in the top right corner with three lines and an arrow to see the list of videos and select the one you want to watch.

Parts of the Product Editor

If you are familiar with WordPress or Woocommerce, then the product editor will look familiar to you because that is what our platform is built on. In case you aren’t though or need a refresher here’s where to find each part of the listing.

How to Publish a Product

In the top right of the product editor, you will find the publishing settings box.

Until your product is ready to be live on the site, you will want to click “Save Draft” to save any changes.

Once you are ready to see your product LIVE on the site, click the big blue “Publish” button.

Keep In Mind

Products without a primary product image will not be visible on the site, even if they are published. We do not recommend publishing products until basic product data (such as price, description, and images) have been added.

Once your first product is published, your shop will be visible to buyers so make sure your banner, logo, and profile pictures are already added!


Status indicates if the product is a draft or published on the site. You can switch between them at any time.

Returning a live product to draft mode

If for some reason you want to temporarily deactivate a product, click the “edit” link next to the status, select “draft” from the drop-down, and click “OK” to change. You may also need to click “Save as Draft” before leaving the page.


Clicking on “Edit” will provide you with three options:

  • public – anyone can see or purchase the product
  • password protected – to view the user must have the password you set (a box will appear if you select it), this is not commonly used.
  • private – only users with the link will be able to find and view this listing, but no password is needed. Great for custom listings!

Publish Time

Clicking “Edit” here will allow you to set a future date for the listing to automatically publish. This is a useful tool if you are uploading a new collection in advance and want it to go live on a certain date.

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