Can I edit my products in bulk?

There are a few parts of a listing you can edit in bulk across all of your listings from the product manager, such as :

  • changing status from draft to published (or published to draft)
  • adding products to categories, shop sections, or tags
  • updating prices
  • adding or changing images
  • editing global attributes
  • and more…

Using our new system you can also create custom product filters for managing your catalog as well as export your listings.

This short video shows you how to use the feature:

Looking for something specific? Check out these timestamps for more info:

  • 0:17 Creating custom filters
  • 0:55 Exporting your listings
  • 1:47 Turning on catalog inline editing
  • 2:56 Updating the featured image
  • 3:07 Changing the product title, sku, stock status, prices
  • 3:39 Updating categories, shop sections, and tags
  • 4:33 How to change the view to see more product information
  • 4:50 Editing global attributes
  • 5:32 How to use bulk editing
  • 6:40 Editing variable products

Not shown in the video here, but to update your products from draft to published (or published to draft), edit the “Status” column.

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