Why are some brands not accepted?

In order to maintain a high standard for everyone who works with Stockabl (both retailers and makers), we occasionally have to tell someone “not right now”. Typically this happens for a few reasons:

  • Suboptimal product photography – product photos are the first (and sometimes last) thing that a retailer sees when they are looking for new products. If a line doesn’t have excellent product photography, we encourage makers to reshoot and reapply.
  • Branding and packaging issues – while photography is king online, most of the time its packaging that rules the day in the boutique. Buyers are less likely to purchase items that aren’t packaged appropriately for wholesale, so we don’t want to waste a maker’s time and money until they are ready. Once adjustments have been made, makers are welcome to reapply.
  • Not handmade! – we zealously guard our reputation as a handmade and independently designed community. If someone is attempting to pass off mass-produced items as handmade, we have to pass.
  • Product-market fit – this is the hardest reason for us to pass on a maker because we know that our crafts are so personal and special to each of us. In these cases, based on our experience, we know what kinds of products don’t do well with our retailers and we don’t want to waste a maker’s time or money.

If your line is not accepted the first time you apply, feel free to address our feedback and reapply. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out for more information.

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