How much does Stockabl cost?

Stockabl runs on a flat membership fee model, and we do not take any transaction fees on your orders. Selling on Stockabl requires an active Stockabl membership, and we offer three convenient options for you:

  • Monthly – $25 a month
  • Quarterly – $62.50 a quarter (which is how much you’d be giving away in fees on ONE order with other platforms)
  • Annually – $250 a year (it’s like getting two months free!)

No matter which option you choose you will have full access to Stockabl features such as custom shop pages, the ability to sell personalized products or products with options, automatic enrollment in the Community Ambassador Program that rewards you for referrals, helpful support, and more.

When you do the math to compare selling on Stockabl to other platforms with unfairly high transaction fees, it’s a no brainer!

25% Transaction Fee Paid Per Year to Other PlatformsStockabl Monthly MembershipProfits You Save By Switching
1 Order Per Month-$750$25/month$450
3 Orders Per Month-$3,000$25/month$2,700
9 Orders Per Month-$6,750$25/month$6,450
12 Orders Per Month-$9,000$25/month$8,700

We’re makers like you and are appalled that some platforms feel entitled to such a huge cut of your profits just because they can. Wholesale margins are thin enough for handcrafted items, and we believe a flat-rate fee that is steady and predictable is better for the long term success of your business.

In the interest of total disclosure, we do pass through the payment processing fees that we pay on your behalf when your order funds. This works out to be 2.9% + $0.55 for US-based sellers, and sellers with international PayPal accounts (which is how we send you your payment) are charged an additional 2% for currency conversion. These fees are set by our payment processors.

Any applicable fees are automatically deducted before your payout is delivered, so you don’t have to worry about making payments later. You can review your payments from the “Commissions” tab in your Shop Dashboard.

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