Can I offer samples, testers, or displays?


From your shop settings you can set a minimum order value; however, the platform will provide a gentle reminder to retailers if they have not met the minimum and this amount is not enforced at checkout. This is to allow you to offer items such as testers, samples, or displays outside of your normal wholesale ordering amounts.

You can also set samples, testers, and displays to restrict the number a retailer can purchase per order if you would like by clicking the “sold individually” box under “inventory” on your listing.

Check the “Sold Individually” box to restrict buyers to a quantity of one of the item per order

Retailers have told us they strongly prefer to order from makers who provide samples or testers if they sell skin care, beauty products, or scented items. If you do not allow this, it forces them to purchase a product they could otherwise sell and mark it out as a tester. Providing testers is a small gesture on your part that can delight your buyer.

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